This is What Passes for News? Again, CNN Fixates Over Trump Eating Ice Cream

It’s not like he was sleeping through the Benghazi attack…

Chicken Noodle News has quite the weird obsession when it comes to President Trump and ice cream. For whatever bizarre reason, CNN deems it newsworthy that the President was eating dessert (specifically, ice cream) when he was notified that Iran’s chief terrorist, Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani, was killed in a Reaper drone strike.

As reported by Fox News, CNN’s fixation with Trump’s intake of the frozen dessert didn’t start on the heels of the Soleimani missile strike;

Back in May 2017, CNN was widely panned for devoting significant airtime to a Time magazine report that Trump was served two scoops of vanilla ice cream at a dinner with reporters. CNN’s often-sarcastic chyron even called the extra scoop of ice cream an “executive privilege.”

With that aside, here’s the latest dairy outrage from CNN;

However, there are two pointed responses to CNN’s fake anger. Possibly the only pro-Trumper at the network, Steve Cortes rubbed CNN’s nose in it with his rather sarcastic “agreeing” with his employer;

Then there was conservative pundit Ben Shapiro who borrowed from the 1782 French novel, Les Liaisons Dangereuses;