Thousands of Bees Invade Padres v. Marlins Game; Padres Catcher Girds Loins for Battle

Bee slayer by day…

I’ve heard of rain delays, I’ve heard of lightning delays, I’ve even heard of snow delays.

Yet one of the rarest possible delays that may befall a baseball game would certainly be the bee delay, and that’s exactly what happened at San Diego’s Petco Park in a meeting between the Padres and the visiting Miami Marlins.

With the 28-minute bee delay becoming a total buzzkill (no pun intended), other than Petco Park’s on-call pest removal dude (now known as “Bee-Man) remedy the perdicament posthaste, another super hero made an unexpected appearance.

But never let it be said that the Fox Sports San Diego’s intrepid sideline reporter Annie Heilbrunn failed to brave the stinging insects to catch a photo of the equally intrepid Padres catcher Austin Hedges, while he girded his loins for battle.

Sporting batting gloves, a hoodie, Spider-Man mask, and an intimidating Louisville Slugger in each hand, Hedges was prepped to show dem bees what’s what.

The late, great Padres announcer Dick Enberg famously called the catcher’s equipment “the tools of ignorance.”

By his actions, Hedges proved his ad hoc battle gear would (possibly) forever be dubbed “the tools of bee-ass-kicking-ness.”

The real Austin Hedges… or is it?