Time for the Aussie – Israeli solution


If you like your failed Operation Inherent Resolve, you can keep your failed Operation Inherent Resolve.

Four dead Marines, one wounded Marine, one wounded sailor, one wounded police officer in Chattanooga. Don’t forget the two soldiers killed a few years ago at the Army recruiting office in Arkansas, or those cut down at the Washington Navy Yard, or those slaughtered at Fort Hood, or the scores killed or wounded at the Boston Marathon, etc, etc. The list goes on.

Workplace violence, domestic terrorism, or as Secretary of Defense Ash Carter called the Chattanooga Shootings, “a random act of violence”… whatever. Just don’t mention ISIS or the phrase “international terrorism”.

After all, ISIS is merely the JV Squad, right? Just a bunch of second stringers and rag-tag social misfits who don’t quite correctly understand Islam. Oh, an they’re also bummed at life because they can’t find a job that makes them feel complete. At least that’s what Barry Hussein and his small army of brown-nosers and suck-ups constantly, and I mean CONSTANTLY, tell us.

Now begins the clamor (yet again) as to why our troops aboard base can’t carry weapons. So while the national hand wringing and breast beating makes a lot of noise but accomplishes little, allow me to publicly praise Australia’s Tony Abbot and Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu for the solid and substantial moves they’ve made to let the terrorists feel a bit of pain.

As reported by ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) on May 24, 2015, Aussie Prime Minister Tony Abbott unveiled his plan to strip the citizenship of any and all Aussies with links to terrorist organizations. Abbott presented to Parliament The Citizenship Act, which would give the government to authority to strip the privilege of citizenship from those who hold dual citizenship. According to the ruling coalition government’s plan, Australian citizenship would be forfeited if they’ve been found to be promoting, supporting or taking part in terrorism.

If and when The Citizenship Act passes the legislative branch (currently still under debate), Mr. Abbott has kept it no secret that his next target would be the revocation of citizenship of those linked to terrorism who currently hold Aussie-only citizenship. As Abbott plainly stated, “People who are fighting with terrorist groups overseas or who are engaged in terrorist activities here in Australia are effectively taking up arms against us and it’s very hard to imagine that we should allow to remain in the bosom of our country people who are trying to destroy us.”

The Israeli response to terrorists isn’t quite as refined. They just blow up their damned houses.