Top Democrats Claim Cutting Foreign Aid to Central America ‘Immoral’ and ‘Reckless’

Remittances by country.

While President Trump not only shows that while he talks the talk, he also knows how to walk the walk.

More to the point, President Trump has been threatening to cut foreign aid (otherwise known as “hard earned American taxpayers dollars”) to the “Northern Triangle” nations of Central America (Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador) unless they get a handle on controlling the massive waves of illegal aliens headed to the United States.

Well, they haven’t… he did.

In an announcement today from the State Department, the Reuters news service is reporting;

“We are carrying out the President’s direction and ending FY (fiscal year) 2017 and FY 2018 foreign assistance programs for the Northern Triangle,” a State Department spokesperson said in a statement. The department declined to provide further details.

The State Department said it would “engage Congress in the process,” an apparent acknowledgement that it will need lawmakers’ approval to end the funding.

A U.S. House Appropriations Committee aide estimated that around $700 million of aid was affected.

However, certain Democrats on Capitol Hill are none too thrilled with the slashing of Yankee dollars headed south of the border.

Also cited by Reuters;

Democratic Representative Nita Lowey, who chairs the committee, tweeted that the move to cut aid was “immoral and more likely to deteriorate conditions that push people into the kind of poverty and despair that exacerbates migration.”

New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez, the top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, called Trump’s order a “reckless announcement” and urged Democrats and Republicans alike to reject it.

“U.S. foreign assistance is not charity; it advances our strategic interests and funds initiatives that protect American citizens,” Menendez said in a statement.

Sadly, neither Democrats seem to fathom the notion that no foreign nation has a right to any amount of money earned by law-abiding American citizens, nor do the American people have any moral obligation to surrender consequence-free any amount of money our citizens have earned.

In the meantime, in a tweet sent out today by the POTUS, he came down hard on the Mexican government for winking and smiling at the millions of illegal aliens either from Mexico proper, or through Mexico originating from the Northern Triangle.

As it turns out, illegal aliens from Mexico, of whom CNS News cites are in the majority, are sending home tens of billions of American dollars.

Just how many tens of billions? Yahoo News Finance cites the Brooking Institute in noting in a 30 March, 2019 article that the total amount sent to Mexico  is “Fluctuating between $20 billion and $25 billion annually during the past decade.”

Keep in mind that $20-$25 billion each and every year, and that’s just one nation.

To add insult to injury, Yahoo Finance also makes note that “remittances from the United States have amounted to about 3% of Mexico’s GDP, representing the third–largest source of foreign revenue after oil and tourism.”

Unfortunately, Yahoo Finance reporter Aarthi Swaminathan turns her back on objective reporting, opting instead to inserting decidedly anti-Trump rhetoric;

In a March 2016 memo, the Trump campaign outlined his first and only detailed plan for getting Mexico to pay for the wall: The administration would cut off billions of dollars in payments — or remittances — that immigrants send home as a tactic to bully Mexico into paying for the wall.

Trump’s basic plan was to hold those payments hostage.

According to Swaminathan’s article, the president’s 2016 plan includes; (Emphasis mine)

The March 2016 memo asserted: On day 1 promulgate a “proposed rule” (regulation) amending 31 CFR 130.121 to redefine applicable financial institutions to include money transfer companies like Western Union, and redefine “account” to include wire transfers. Also include in the proposed rule a requirement that no alien may wire money outside of the United States unless the alien first provides a document establishing his lawful presence in the United States.

The proposal above would have theoretically modified a rule under the USA Patriot Act — which is aimed at stopping money laundering and terrorism financing — and Trump would essentially make it illegal for people to send money without demonstrating proof of legal residence.

“On day 2 Mexico will immediately protest,” the memo posited. “On day 3 tell Mexico that if the Mexican government will contribute the funds needed to the United States to pay for the wall, the Trump Administration will not promulgate the final rule, and the regulation will not go into effect.”

The net effect, according to Trump’s plan, would be to starve Mexico of money it receives through wire transfers or remittances.

Works for me.

Interestingly enough, cites a 2016 Pew Research study citing that between Mexico and the Northern Triangle nations, fully $42.5 billion were sent to those four nation just in 2016 alone.