Tough Guy Joe Recalls Glory Daze of Kicking Gang Leader ‘Corn Pop’ Out of the Pool

Remember when Joe Biden recently gave that edge-of-your-seat war story/campaign speech to that gaggle of supporters in a studio apartment somewhere in the wilds of New Hampshire?

You know… when Biden was assigned as El Caudillo of the Polar Express. While on a visit to the front lines, he awarded the Knight’s Cross (with Oak Leaves, Swords, and Diamonds) to Captain A. M. Urica when he saved Princess Leia on the planet Mongo from that rock-throwing il Capo die Capi di Cosa Nostra Ernest T. Bass.

This is the God’s truth. My word as a Biden… or a Whiteman. Well, maybe a Biden. As if the Biden family name has some sort of super-infused magical quality assigned to it at the molecular level. Whatever.

In the spirit of full disclosure, the video (below) was recorded in 2017 at the Joseph R. Biden Jr. Aquatic Center in Wilmington, Delaware. This is the God’s truth. My word as a Biden… or a Whiteman. Whatever.

Again, in the spirit of further disclosure, the man we all have to thank for rediscovering this clip is Michael Harriot, senior writer for the very hard left-leaning “Black News, Opinions, Politics and Culture” news portal, The Root.

Now Harriot may not be my cup of tea, politically… but I have to give credit where credit’s due. Harriot’s tweets regarding Crazy Uncle Joe are as brutally honest as they are hilarious.

Much like Dave Chappelle just a few short weeks ago (regardless if he likes it or not) Harriot is earning a bit of his own street cred amongst working-class white conservatives simply for being honest.

Anyhow, enjoy this classic example of full-of-shit Joe just being full-of-shit Joe;

This is Harriot’s tweet that got the ball rolling;

Here are the additional social media posts Harriot pummeled Biden with;

This is the God’s truth. My word as a Biden… or a Whiteman, maybe even a Harriot. Whatever.

Biden’s rumored to be gunning for Snap, then Crackle.