Trey Gowdy goes for the throat in Capitol Hill showdown with IRS honcho

“You Don’t Have Any Idea!”

The man tagged “The Carolina Cougar” for his go-for-the-juggler-style of both politics and his practice of law, Representative Harold “Trey” Gowdy III flashed his proverbial fangs and claws in a Capitol Hill showdown. As reported by the right-of-center news portal Mediaite on June 23, 2014, a rather fiery Gowdy ripped into beleaguered IRS Commissioner John Koskinen.

From the South Carolina’s Upstate 4th Congressional District, Republican Congressman Trey Gowdy mercilessly hammered IRS Commissioner and fellow lawyer John Koskinen during a rare late night committee hearing. A graduate of Yale University School of Law, Koskinen was held to task for failing to take the time to “read the relevant criminal statutes,” while almost simultaneously claiming he personally hasn’t witnessed any evidence of criminal wrongdoing at the IRS targeting of conservative groups (seen in its entirety in the video).

As bad as things went for Koskinen in front of the Republican chaired committee, another conservative-leaning news organization is revealing that the IRS Commissioner may have more invested in Democratic politicians than initially believed. As reported by PJ Media on June 23, 2014, John Koskinen has been a major donor to various Democratic politicians since his first donation dating back to 1979.

As reported, Koskinen has dropped a cool $100,000 to Democrats over the years. With high dollar contributions ranging the likes of Hillary Clinton to Gary Hart, PJ Media’s Bryan Preston matter-of-factly referred to Koskinen as a “partisan Democrat.” As noted, there is no record of the IRS top man as ever donating to any Republican candidates of generically to the Republican Party.

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