Trump’s Chief-of-Staff: Reince Priebus out – General Kelly in

General Kelly.

John Kelly started life as a tough kid from a stereotypical patriotic, church-going, we-stick-together Irish-Catholic family from Boston.

He also started his Marine Corps career not like your average officer.

Instead, General Kelly began 42-years as a Leatherneck as a Private standing on the yellow footprints at the infamous Marine Corps Boot Camp (Recruit Training) at Parris Island, SC.

From a Marine Private all the way to General, to the Director of Homeland Security to President Trump’s Chief-of-Staff. It’s been a busy year for General John Francis Kelly.

In somewhat of a shocker, President Trump has accepted the resignation of Reince Priebus as his Chief-of-Staff, and shifted Gen. Kelly over from the Department of Homeland Security.

The guy who hitchhiked from Boston to the West Coast when he was 16 is now one of the most powerful men in the world.

As President Trump tweeted;

A fairly good indication as to the personality of General Kelly is the now famous moment before he led a heavily outnumbered Task Force Tripoli in the attack on Baghdad;

During the initial assault on Baghdad, Kelly was asked by a reporter for The Los Angeles Times if, considering the size of the Iraqi Army and the vast supplies of tanks, artillery and chemical weapons available to Saddam’s forces, he would ever consider defeat. Kelly’s archetypal response was, “Hell these are Marines. Men like them held Guadalcanal and took Iwo Jima. Baghdad ain’t shit.”

Although the actual troop strength of the Iraqi army in Baghdad is unknown for certain, some estimate that General Kelly and his Marines were outnumbered 20-1.

By the way, General Kelly and the Marines of Task Force Tripoli won.

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  1. This took long enough but we finally have a military man in charge. There is also a chance Priebus was a leaker. Not saying he was but maybe.

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