Trump’s Lawyers: Massive Voter Fraud ‘Proof to be Disclosed Next Week’

Time is not President Trump’s friend. While high-powered lawyers, former Assistant US Attorney Sidney Powell and ex-Mayor of the Big Apple, Rudy Giuliani, are neck-deep into their own investigations of massive voter fraud, a veritable army of equally high-powered lawyers are working for Powell and Giuliani.

Two of them are of the husband and wife law firm of diGenova & Toensing, LLC. Husband Joe diGenova was United States Attorney, District of Columbia, while wife Victoria Toensing served as the Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the Criminal Division of the U.S. Justice Department.

As seen in the tweet at the end of this article, Toensing sent out on Sunday, Nov. 15, that proof to the president’s allegation will be made “next week.”

In the meantime, Powell stated just a few short days ago that the evidence against the Deep State was so overwhelming, she was about to “Release the Kraken!”

Both Giuliani and Powell were quoted by The New York Post regarding the most serious allegation of Dominion Software interfering with the election on a nationwide scale for the benefit of Biden;

The claim from the president is that Dominion Voting Systems, a Canadian voting software company that provided machines used in 28 states, deleted or switched votes for Trump.

The company has denied the claim, which has also been debunked by the Associated Press and the New York Times.

Giuliani insisted he had proof — but could not show it yet.

“We have proof that I can’t disclose yet,” Giuliani said of the “corrupt machines.”

“This has to be examined, Maria, beyond this election, which I believe will get overturned,” he went on.

Sidney Powell, another Trump 2020 attorney, also told Bartiromo that Trump had won by “millions of votes.”