Two-Faced Fox News Airs Dem who Questions Trump’s Mental Health, Censors Conservative who Compared Hillary to STD

Just so I understand this… the Fox News Channel will yank a conservative mid-interview for the high crime of comparing the never-ending saga of Hillary Clinton to a sexually transmitted disease?

Yet the same Fox News Channel doesn’t have much of a problem of running the quote of a Massachusetts Democrat accusing President Trump of having mental health issues?

Sadly, the answer to both questions is yes.

Anna Paulina and friends.

But first, some of the backstory.

US Air Force vet and current Director of Hispanic Engagement for Turning Point USA, Anna Paulina found herself last month in a conversation with anchor Rick Leventhal and Democrat Doug Schoen discussing why Hillary Clinton is still in the news, a full two years after her defeat at the hands of Donald Trump.

It was then that Paulina made the off-handed commented of Barack Obama’s Secretary of State: “She won’t go away. She’s like herpes.”

Paulina and Schoen were to appear via remote, while Leventhal was live in-studio introducing the topic at hand. When Paulina and Schoen were eventually introduced into the live-feed, Leventhal immediately asked Paulina, ‘Anna, where’s this all going?”

It’s pretty obvious that someone on Paulina’s end told her the discussion was regarding President Trump federalizing National Guardsmen to support the Border Patrol. So Paulina spoke at some length regarding the president’s activation orders.

The right to bare midriff.

Leventhal interrupted her with “I thought we were talking about Hillary’s emails, but we can talk about the border…”

Caught off-guard, Paulina quickly said, “I was told we were talking about that.

Back on the topic of Clinton somehow still being in the news, Paulina interjected, “She won’t go away, she’s like herpes.” It was then that the live feed of Paulina came to a rather abrupt end.

Fast forward to today, Fox News not only ran an article on Rep. Jim McGovern (D-Mass.) questioning the president’s mental health, FNC had a point of running this same video every hour.

For whatever strange reason, when Paulina makes an off-handed joke equating Hillary Clinton constantly being in the news akin to a case of herpes, Fox hits the brakes, posthaste.

Yet when a screaming liberal from Massachusetts makes a joke about the state of President Trump’s mental health, specifically, that a deal was reached to avert a government shutdown last week until President Trump “went off his meds,” FNC will make a point of airing that same congressman stating such over and over and over.

Am I the only one sensing more than just a whiff of hypocrisy from the network that bills themselves as “fair and balanced”?

Anna Paulina, Director of Hispanic Outreach for TPUSA.