Two More Admirals Added to List of Flag Officers Dumped by Obama Administration

SEH-Obama vs military

Amid various claims that the Obama Administration is purging high ranking military officers from the ranks, two more Flag Officers (Generals and Admirals from any branch of the Armed Forces) have been unceremoniously suspended from all duties pending results of what has been termed a “broadening” bribery and prostitution scandal, as reported by both The Washington Times on Nov. 10, 2013, and the right-of-center Front Page Magazine on Nov.8, 2013.

Vice Adm. Ted Branch, Director of Naval Intelligence, and Navy’s number two intel officer, Rear Adm. Bruce Loveless, Director of Intelligence Operations are both under investigation for what the Obama-ran Department of Defense (DoD) is calling “illegal and improper relations” both admirals may have had with a defense contractor who supposedly grifted millions of dollars from the taxpayers as well as bribing both military and civilian officials with high priced doxies and other unspecified gifts over several years.

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