U.N. climate draft calls on protecting ‘Mother Earth’

The United Nations has long rubbed small government advocates the wrong way due to their obvious goal of aggressively pushing for a One World Government.

Despite seeing to dismantle any shred of sovereignty or the right of self-determination to the people of the world, the same controlling world body is showing its more religious side as of late.

But as it turns out the same global authority organization seeks not only to control the planet, but also to push for the worship of the same.


In a draft of The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the very first page notes that the globalist organization makes quite clear the need for the member nations make note of “the needs and integrity of terrestrial ecosystems, oceans and Mother Earth…”

With the objective website Pantheon.org defining Mother Earth (with capitalized “M” and “E”) as the ancient Greek mythological character of Gaia. According to pagan mythology, Gaia/Mother Earth took as her husband Uranus, who also just so happened to be her son.

Screen-Shot-2015-12-09-at-9.58.58-AMIllustrating that paganism is alive and well in the modern world, GlobalWiccan.com matter-of-factly stated “Mother Earth is as Worship-able as the Heavenly Father”.

Never one not to be on the cutting edge everything heathen, the U.N. celebrates every April 22 as “International Mother Earth Day”. As Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon noted in part during last year’s festivities;

So today, on International Mother Earth Day, I appeal to all people everywhere to raise their voices. Speak out on behalf of this planet, our only home. Let us care for Mother Earth so she can continue to care for us as she has done for millennia.