Über-Creepy; woman asks neighbors if she can ‘taste’ their ‘delicious’ children

delicious23n-1-webAs the old saying goes, nothing makes an impression like the extreme. Unfortunately for 38-year-old Carrie Pernula of Champlin, Minn., her version of extreme not only comes with an arrest warrant, but also a heaping helping of the heebie jeebies on the side.

As reported by Beth Spotswood of SFGate.com (Hearst Newspapers of San Francisco, Calif.), and also in a video report by WPIX-TV (of New York, NY) via WFOX.com (of Jacksonville, Fla.), both on Oct. 22, 2015, Pernula was none too thrilled with neighborhood kids making noise while playing outside her home, as well as supposedly leaving trash in her front yard. Presumably, just shaking her fist at the offending mischievous imps and yelling “You kids stay off my lawn!” may have been a wee bit too on the vanilla side for the upset suburbanite.

Coincidentally, just in time for All Hallows’ Eve, Pernula reportedly took it upon herself to type out an anonymous note to the children’s parents that simply stated, “The children look delicious. May I have a taste?” Sufficiently freaked out, the recipient of the creepily cryptic note, Mrs. Michelle Welch Yangwel not only notified local law enforcement, she also took to social media to warn everyone else in the picturesque Minneapolis bedroom community of the possible Sawney Bean living in their midst.

Posting on the Champlin, MN Community Group Facebook site, Mrs. Yangwel let the still unknown note leaver know that he or she was on notice. Leaving little to the imagination, Mrs. Yangwel matter-of-factly stated, “NO you may not have my children in any way, shape, or form. And beyond anything physical you may NOT rob them of the security and comfort they feel.”

With police still trying to track down the sender of the willies-raising letter, things went from creepy to über-creepy. A number of seemingly randomly chosen magazines started being delivered to the Yangwel residence. There were only two things all the magazines had in common – no one in the Yangwel family ever signed up for any of them, and instead of a name of the subscription tag, every magazine was addressed simply to “Tasty Children”.

From there, police contacted the subscription departments of the various magazines, which of course, all lead to Pernula. As reported by ABC13.com (of Houston, Texas), “Pernula was taken and released from jail. Any possible charges against her are still pending.”