Ukraine: Snipers fire on protesters, churches used as hospitals

On what was suppose to be the first full day of a cease fire instead turned into the bloodiest day in Kiev in what has all the markings of the beginning of a Ukrainian civil war, as reported by The Guardian (of London, UK), the Atlantic Wire, the Associated Press (via Fox News), and NBC News. televising live streaming from Independence Square, Kiev. televising live streaming from Independence Square, Kiev (links below).

In a casualty list that is growing by the minute, “at least” 70 people have been killed, and the number of wounded has ballooned to a minimum of 550.

Multiple reports have been streaming into Western media outlets of government troops adding Kalashnikovs and sniper rifles to their operational weaponry formerly consisting of rubber bullets, smoke grenades and flash bangs.

So far, at least one candid photo is circulating the internet showing a soldier attached to the Ukrainian Special Riot Police Unit, known as Berkut (“Golden Eagle” in Ukrainian), squeezing off rounds from a bi-pod mounted sniper rifle.


Meanwhile, reports are also flooding Western newsrooms of Kiev churches and hotel lobbies pulling double-duty as makeshift emergency rooms and mortuaries for the dead and wounded.

Per the marksmanship training of most advanced militariesĀ to aim “center mass” of their target, more than a few of the dead and barely living have been found shot through “the neck, lungs or heart.”

With the government wanting closer ties with Russia, the protesters seek to align the nation with Western Europe and the United States.

One of the few freedoms remaining in the Eastern European nation, the internet television stationĀ is still able to stream the protest live from the capital’s Independence Square.

Sniper fire on the citizenry.