Veteran spat upon, threatened with having his throat slit


A spokesman for Danish vets as well personally being a decorated veteran himself, has found himself at the receiving end of a public death threat due to a pro-veteran sicker on the back of his car. As reported by the English language Danish news portal on Oct. 13, 2014, and also by the Danish language news service, former member of the Royal Danish Army Benjamin Olsen Yeh was threatened on the streets of Copenhagen with having his throat cut by two “Middle Eastern” appearing men ostensibly for his “Support Our Troops” bumper sticker.

The recipient of the bronze degree of the Nordic Blue Berets Medal of Honour, it was reported in the Danish language media that as Yeh was driving to pick up his daughter, two men drove up next to him when, “To personer med mellemøstligt udseende råber og skriger af ham” which translates to “Two Middle Eastern-looking people started yelling and screaming at him.” Not done yet, the unidentified individuals also threatened the former soldier, “Jeg skal nok finde dig. Bare vent til jeg finder dig” which translated means “I’ll find you. Just wait until I find you.”

Apparently incensed with his patriotic patch adorning the rear window, the deranged duo took it up a notch be threatening to murder Yeh as well as his friends. also noted the following was yelled at the Bosnia veteran, “Kan du pille den sløjfe af? Jeg sværger, jeg skærer halsen over på dig og dine venner!” roughly translated to “Why don’t you remove the sticker? I swear I’ll cut your throat and your friends!” It was then that Yeh reportedly had his vehicle spat upon.

Other than the Nordic Blue Berets Medal of Honour, Yeh was also nominated for Dane of the Year for his work advocating for Danish veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Yeh is personally credited with forcing the Danish government to re-open and re-evaluate the previously closed PTSD cases of upwards of 250 veterans. Long a reliable Western ally, Denmark deployed well over 500 troops during Operation Iraqi Freedom. More recently, the tiny kingdom’s Royal Danish Army have partnered with the British Army in Afghanistan, where they have been involved in heavy clashes with Taliban terrorists in Helmand Province, where about 760 Danish troops constitute a large battle group.

According to the British Broadcasting Corporation, Denmark is home to approximately 270,000 Muslims, who compromises 4.8 percent of the citizenry out of a population of 5.6 million. Muslim immigration to the Scandinavian Kingdom began to pick up steam in the 1970s when Muslims arrived in large numbers from from Turkey, Pakistan, Morocco and the former Yugoslavia seeking employment. In the 1980s and 1990s the majority of Muslim arrivals were refugees and asylum seekers from Iran, Iraq, Somalia, and Bosnia.