(VIDEO) Biden All But Admits He’s Losing in Several Key Battleground States

Resting Angry Joe face

Of course, any given candidate for the presidency, regardless of party, will always tell the press that he or she will undoubtedly win any given state that’s rich with electoral votes.

Joe Biden is no different. Especially with Election Day nearly upon us.

But I ask the readers of this to please keep in mind some of the code words politicians use. As previously noted, Biden’s bluff and bluster regaled the world on just how badly he’ll kick President Trump’s ass all up and down the street.

Yet if and when any given politician admits to any cracks in the foundation, or uses less-than glowing terms of how big their wins will be… that’s tantamount to the proverbial, “Oh, shit.”

Case in point: Biden actually ventured out of his Delaware bunker to nearby Chester, Pennsylvania (an unimpressive 15 whole miles), to speak at an impromptu Q and A session (an equally miniscule less-than 10 minutes worth) with predictably Biden-friendly alleged “journalists.”

As Biden spat-out in front of the cameras, these gems;

  • “I am not over-confident about anything.
  • “That ‘Blue Wall’ has to be re-established.”
  • “With the Grace of God and the (undecipherable gibberish) I’m gonna win Pennsylvania.”
  • “I think we’re gonna win Michigan.”
  • “I think we’re gonna win Wisconsin.
  • “I think we’re gonna win Minnesota.”
  • “I think we have a fightin’ chance in Ohio.”
  • “I think we have a fightin’ chance in North Carolina.”
  • “I think we have a fightin’ chance in Georgia.”
  • Fightin’ chance in Iowa.”

Golly gee, Joe. Your words aren’t exactly re-assuring or building much confidence. Then again, maybe Sleepy Joe is actually letting the truth slip out.