(Video) CDC Artificially Inflates COVID-19 Death Count: ‘Assume’ Now Becomes Factual

As of April 9, 2020, the latest numbers off of the official website for the CDC (Center for Disease Control) regarding the COVID-19 pandemic;

  • Total cases: 427,460
  • Total deaths: 14,696

This current pandemic is certainly nothing like the Spanish Flu, which killed upwards of five percent of the global population a century ago. Nor is COVID-19 isn’t anything compared to the 14th century’s Black Death that wiped out as much as 60 percent of Europe’s population.

Nonetheless, by any metric, nearly 15,000 deaths is still a tragedy. But what if we found out that the government entity tasked with keeping track of the numbers has been artificially pumping up the numbers for over the past two weeks?

Burials at NYC’s Hart Island.

While I don’t want to be labeled as just another conspiracy nutcase, I’ll provide something that the vast majority of conspiracy nuts usually fail to provide. Namely, facts.

Case in point, in a separate official CDC website entitled Provisional Death Counts for Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), the CDC didn’t starts tracking the deaths from COVID-19 until the week ending 2/1/2020.

Interestingly enough, from 2/1/2020 all the way until 2/22/2020, the total weekly death count was a whopping zero. The same webpage notes the following weekly death totals;

  • 2/29/2020 – 5
  • 3/7/2020 – 18
  • 3/14/2020 – 45
  • 3/21/2020 – 415

Then the numbers absolutely went through the roof;

  • 3/28/2020 – 1,764
  • 4/4/2020 – 1,818

Being at least a somewhat reasonable man, I sure would like to know what happened between 3/21/2020 (415 dead) and 3/28/2020 (1,764 dead).

Draw what conclusions you may, but in yet a different official CDC website, an email alert was issued by Director Steven Schwartz, PhD. He happens to be the head cheese of something called the Division of Vital Statistics, which is subordinate to the National Center for Health Statistics, which in turn is part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, itself answerable to the Secretary of Department of Health and Human Services.

As clearly stated, Director Schwartz issued COVID-19 Alert No. 2, dated March 24, 2020, in which he notes that the new ICD (International Classification of Diseases) is immediately to be tagged as U07.1 COVID-19.

OK, that’s all well and fine. But does this particular email alert have anything to do with the spike in deaths as of the 3/28/2020 weekly report?

At the very end of the alert, for those tasked with compiling mortality data, the question is posed, Should “COVID-19” be reported on the death certificate only with a confirmed test?

Again, I ask you to draw what conclusions you may. I will state that the emphasis placed in the below response is from the CDC, not me;

COVID-19 should be reported on the death certificate for all decedents where the disease caused or is assumed to have caused or contributed to death. Certifiers should include as much detail as possible based on their knowledge of the case, medical records, laboratory testing, etc. If the decedent had other chronic conditions such as COPD or asthma that may have also contributed, these conditions can be reported in Part II. (See attached Guidance for Certifying COVID-19 Deaths)

Personally, I would much appreciate if the CDC would preface future data to reflect that at least a certain percentage of these deaths were from patients suffering from COPD, asthma, chemotherapy, HIV/AIDS, a history of heavy cigarette smoking, etc. Basically that a number of those who died assumedly from COVID-19 already had a compromised immune system.

Just be honest with the American people. We’re gown-ups, we really can deal with the truth.

One other thing; why is one CDC site stating that as of April 9, 2020, that the death count is 14,696, but a different CDC site notes that as of the end of the week of April 4, 2020, the death count is a mere 4,065?

How did I miss 10,000 dead? If I’m misreading the tables, then I ask you in all sincerity… please leave a comment citing my mistake. If I’m in the wrong, I’ll readily admit to it.