(VIDEO) Clueless: AOC Rants Against the Federal Government for ‘Doing Far Too Little’ While Mixing Margaritas

Looking the worse for wear.

Apparently, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is suffering from a serious case of lacking in her own self-awareness.

While recording a homey moment presumably in her kitchen, she rails against President Trump’s economic response to the Covid-19 pandemic that’s effectively shutdown the nation.

Mini-AOC out-crazies real AOC.

Interestingly enough, while millions are now out of work and literally holding their collective breath for Trump’s financial rescue rope to reach them, she’s whipping-up a pitcher of Margaritas… and the main ingredient appears (to me, anyhow) to be a rather pricey liquor.

While it’s hard to nail down exactly which adult beverages she’s adding into the mixer, my jaundiced-eye hazily recognizes the first bottle as possibly being El Jimador Silver Tequila (1.75 liter bottle, $45.99), and the second being the standard run-of-the-mill 1.75 liter bottle of triple sec (probably either Dekuyper or Hiram Walker. Somewhere between $14-$20).

I’m so comforted knowing she can somehow manage from her meager government paycheck to afford some premium booze.

Sarcasm, off.