(VIDEO) College Professor Claims Entire Spanish Language ‘Sexist, Racist, Islamophobic’

To those that find this cultural shift to be patently absurd, please know this is satire. But just barely.

While anything and everything that draws an actual delineation between male and female considered fair game, a college professor from Weissbrot, Minnesota has been rocking the linguistical boat towards some very dangerous shoals.

Dr. Lili von Shtupp, head of both the Lesbian Studies and Cultural Marxist Theory Departments at Augustus LächerlichBlass Community College in Weissbrot County, plainly stated in an interview with the campus newspaper, the Exiguous Examiner, her accusation that the Spanish language is “sexist, misogynism, and Islamophobic” all at the same time;

“While I have no academic standing in any particular language, I do know that the Romance Languages have both the so-called ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ nouns. The greatest offender would have to be Spanish, simply because it’s spoken by well over half-a-billion people… and that’s just too much word-rape as far as I’m concerned.”

Dr. von Schtupp made a point of citing Princeton University’s Latinx Perspectives Organization as a groundbreaker in fighting the Spanish language’s “intrinsic linguistic imperialism.”

“No longer ‘Latino’ or ‘Latina’; no longer ‘Mexicano’ or ‘Mexicana’; we have taken it upon ourselves to change the language to forcefully incorporate ‘Latinx’, ‘Mexicanx’, etc., regardless if Spanish-speakers like it or not,” von Schtupp proclaimed.

“Something else that gets my panties in a wad, when I do bother to wear panties, is the blatantly racist manner in which Spanish uses the word ‘negro’. Spanish needs to be told that ‘negro’ went out in the 1960s. The proper Spanish word for black is now ‘African-American.'”

Getting down to the nitty gritty, the professor continued, “Just as a for instance, a Spanish-speaker in Peru would say black as ‘Peruvian African-American’, a Spanish-speaker in the Dominican Republic would say black as “Dominican African-American”; a Spanish-speaker in the former Spanish colony of Equatorial Guinea, which Spanish is still the official language, would say black as ‘African African-American.'”

It should be noted that Dr. Schtupp consistently mispronounced the Spanish word ‘negro.’ As properly pronounced in Spanish, phonetically is said “neh-GROW’ with a slight rolling of the “R”. For whatever bizarre reason other than her own ignorance, Schtupp kept pronouncing it “KNEE-grow.”

Perhaps the most head-scratching claim by the tax-payer paid educator was that the Spanish language is Islamophobic. Regarding the Muslim invasion of Spain in the 8th century, she claimed, “The peaceful Moors were able to actually see Spain from their vantage point at the Maḍīq Jabal Ṭāriq [also known as the Straights of Gibraltar], therefore, the peace-loving Muslims had a valid claim to all the Iberian Peninsula.”

Getting even deeper into the weeds, “However, when the evil, imperialistic Spanish Catholic monarchies illegally displaced the peace-loving Muslim Moors, the Spanish language legitimized not only a city name, but also a family name Matamoros, literally translated as ‘Killer of the Moors.'”

“We the Word Warriors of the World need to consolidate our power to purge the Spanish tongue of Matamoros. That surname and city name desperately needs to be replaced with ‘Perdónamemoros.'”

As seen in the tweet below, rich, white, English-speaking liberals wokesplain to all the backwards Spanish-speaking people of the world.