(Video) Covid-19 Panic: Liberal Firearm Buyers SHOCKED to Discover That Purchasing a Gun Comes with Gun Control Laws

Thanks to Billy Shakespeare, we have in perpetuity that wonderful phrase, “hoisted on your own petard.” In case you’re unfamiliar with Hamlet, this particular phrase basically means getting nailed by your own boobytrap.

In quite the ironic article penned by Kira Davis of the decidedly conservative-leaning news site RedState.com, the Editor-at-large notes that liberals in the bluest of blue states (California), are now amazingly born-again hard when it comes to the Second Amendment.

Interestingly enough, what exactly is the catalyst for liberals flocking to gun stores? Covid-19… period.

Even more interesting is that the very same liberals are shocked and even angry to find out that California has some of the most oppressive gun control laws in the country.

You know, the same oppressive gun control laws that they’ve been screaming in our faces for years.

Ahhh, but what makes the irony even tastier for these hypocrites is the realization that the rules also apply to them. Hoisted on their own petard, you might say.

During the course of her interview with Gregg Bouslog of On-Target Indoor Shooting Range in Laguna Niguel, CA., Davis notes, “Bouslog says it’s a bridge too far for the people who have been told their whole lives that it’s easier to get a gun than an abortion.”

Also noted by Davis (emphasis mine);

More than a dozen of these buyers (men and women) actually thought that since they filled out and signed everything, they could just walk out and go home with the firearm. Several actually said they saw how easy it was to buy a gun on TV and why did they have to fill out all these forms.

The majority of these first timers lost their minds when we went through the Ammo Law requirements. Most used language not normally heard, even in a gun range. We pointed out that since no one working here voted for these laws, then maybe they might know someone who did. And, maybe they should go back and talk to those people and tell them to re-think their position on firearms – we were trying to be nice.

Most were VERY vocal about why it takes 10 days minimum (sometimes longer if the DOJ is backed up) to take their property home with them. They ask why do I need to wait 10 days if I need the protection today or tomorrow? We pointed out again that no one working here voted in support of that law.

They really went crazy when we told them that for each firearm they had to do the same amount of paperwork and they could only purchase ONE handgun every 30 days. Again, we didn’t [vote] for that law.

We had people cuss at us and stomp out when we explained that secondary identification had to be part of the paperwork, as they felt insulted that what they had wasn’t good enough. We have a number of Yelp reviews calling us names and other things about how bad we are because of this whole new buyer rush.