(VIDEO) Crazy Joe Causes Panic Among Pennsylvania Workers; Tells Local Media Locomotive Plant ‘Thinking of Shutting Down’

Creepy Uncle Joe has his sights set on you.

He’s at it again. Loopy Joe Biden just so happened to blurt out that an Erie, PA, campaign stop that an area locomotive plant was “thinking of shutting down”.

That’s all it took to trigger a domino effect when workers at Wabtec Corporation’s Erie locomotive assembly plant all started wondering if if they were about to lose their jobs.

All 1,700 of them.

As reported by Emily Watson of EireNewsNow.com (WICU/WSEE), as seen in the video below Biden was quoted as saying;

I heard today that there’s a locomotive plant thinking of shutting down here. I’m going to invest literally in high-speed rail. I have a record on that, I’m a big… I’m the ant… this is… we’re gonna create tens of thousands of good paying jobs.