(VIDEO) Damn Yankee Alert: ESPN’s Max Kellerman Slams Southerners, ‘Susceptible to Very Low-Quality Information’

Damn Yankees, in all their manifestations.

As just about every red-blooded American already knows, the Southeastern Conference (SEC) is the length of Missouri to Florida, the width of South Carolina to Texas.

Yet even though the vast majority of the 14 schools that comprise the SEC are located within the Historic South, with the advent of modern transportation and the global economy, it’s a fair bet that SEC fans aren’t just nation-wide, but world-wide.

Nonetheless, native son of uber-liberal Greenwich Village, NYC, host of ESPN’s “First Take”, Max Kellerman, had some less than complimentary comments regarding SEC fans… and it certainly wouldn’t be a shock to me if he considered the same to everyone south of the Mason-Dixon Line.

As reported by The Federalist;

ESPN’s Max Kellerman and host of “First Take” said Thursday SEC football fans were especially “susceptible to very low-quality information and easy to propagandize,” when arguing that teams boycotting practice in protest for social justice would bear no impact on the November election.

SEC fans, Kellerman said, were “almost immune to facts,” because they uniformly adhere to “alternative facts” instead.

“If they stay in their kind of propaganda silos, like the Fox News propaganda silo, it would matter what happened.”

Kellerman, who had already been calling for boycotts to promote progressive issues, made his comments as major leagues sports in the United States come to a standstill. So far, players and teams in the NBA, MLB, MLS and the WNBA refused to play and practice to make a statement on racial justice.