(Video) Florida Republican Congressman Shames Democrats with His Silence

Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL).

This really is quite cool. Republican Congressman Brian Mast (Fla) just made a fool of every member of the Democrat Party. More to the specific, every Democrat in the committee hearing room used by the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.

On the heels of Leftists everywhere still whimpering over the loss of international terrorist Qassem Soleimani, Mast asked a rather pointed question that none dare answer.

During an open session by the Foreign Affairs Committee, the combat wounded double-amputee plainly asked, as reported by TownHall.com;

At the beginning of his remarks, Mast likened the decision to kill Soleimani to taking out a machine gun nest.

“I look at Soleimani as a terrorist machine gun nest, really. He’s been spraying rounds at the U.S. for many years on many different fronts,” he said. “You want to ask is [an attack] imminent? Well, just because this machine gun nest might be taking a moment to reload, that doesn’t mean that it’s not an imminent threat.”

“I want to ask a question which some people may call rhetorical,” Mast said. “If you walk out this hallway and you take a right and another right and another right, you are going to come to several beautiful walls that have the names of our fallen service members on the War on Terror. I would ask, can any of you provide me one name on that wall that does not justify killing Soleimani. I got 2 minutes and 30 seconds, I will be more than happy to sit here and wait. Somebody provide me the name on the wall that does not justify his killing.”

Predictably, there was a long, uncomfortable silence. Then the Groucho Marx look-a-like Committee Chairman, Rep. Eliot Engel (D-NY), took it upon himself to violate one of the more basic parliamentary procedures;

After a long silence, House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Eliot Engel said, “The gentleman may continue.”

“I am continuing Mr. Chairman,” Mast replied. “I got 2 minutes remaining, I will sit here and wait for somebody to provide me with the name on that wall that did not justify the killing of Soleimani.”

A frustrated Engel said Mast made his point.

“Mr. Chairman, I have not yielded back my time,” Mast responded. “I have a minute and 45 seconds remaining of which I would like to wait for somebody to provide me with the name.”

From there, things went downhill rather quickly.