(VIDEO) Fox News Faces the Wrath of Conservative (Ex-)Viewers: Ratings Bottom-Out

The rise of One America News and Newsmax…

Just like a lit fuse that suddenly sputters out when it’s about half-an-inch away from a couple hundred pounds of dynamite, everyone knows exactly what’s going to happen… it’s just a matter of time.

Yeah, that’s pretty much what’s happened to the Fox News Channel. More than a few prophesied that once Roger Ailes left (and Rupert Murdoch put his two Leftie sons in-charge), much like the dynamite and the sputtering fuse, it was only a matter of time before there was a Wyle E. Coyote moment.

Amanda Brilhante of One America News. At the age of 22, Brilhante was the youngest full-time national news anchor in the history of broadcast news.

The only thing that has so many surprised with the collapse of Fox News was just how fast the network bottomed-out.

As one of the up-and-coming alternate news sites, Daily Update noted;

“… Fox’s election coverage was so obviously in the tank for Biden and the Democrats that it has caused a mass flight of Trump supporters away from the channel to NewsMax and OAN.”

On a personal note, while FNC was known a couple of decades ago as “the hottie network”, their rapidly ageing, heavy makeup-ed, and syringes of Botox aplenty, their bevy of ex-babes is getting really old (no pun intended). It goes without saying that the OAN staffers of the Softer Sex are a damn sight easier on the eyes. At least to me they are.

But back to the topic at hand. As another up-and-comer new site, The National Pulse notes the crash and burn that are the Fox News ratings;

The numbers show that on November 6th, Fox pulled 2,266,000 viewers while CNN saw nearly twice as many at 4,009,000 viewers. Similarly, MSNBC, per Fox’s internal numbers, counted 2,983,000 viewers, beating Fox by over 700,000 viewers.

I’d also like to point out what Andrea Widburg of AmericanThinker.com so eruditely penned;

Things went pretty sour for viewers when Chris Wallace turned the first presidential debate into a three-way affair, with Wallace siding with Biden. Nevertheless, viewers were willing to give Fox another chance on election night. Fox failed that test.

The kill switch for many viewers was that Fox News hired a hard leftist to run its election desk on Election Night. Predictably, Arnon Mishkin called the race in ways only a leftist could love. With hundreds of thousands of votes outstanding, he called Arizona for Biden. Meanwhile, he refused to call obviously pro-Trump states such as Texas and Alaska.

Things have gotten worse since then.

Examples include the massive blunders, and figurative spit-in-the-faces of conservatives, committed by FNC’s Neil Cavuto and Sandra Smith;