(Video) Government Approved Jobs ONLY: Cuomo Snaps at the Common Man, Get an ‘Essential’ Job

Every so often, Democrat politicians let slip their inner-totalitarian.

One of the many threads that total dictators have in common would be their demand that you will work where the central government told you to.

Il Douche.

A few names that fall into that category come to mind immediately;

  • Josef Stalin
  • Mao Tse-tung
  • Fidel Castro

Let’s add another name: Andrew Cuomo.

As seen in the video below and also reported by Breitbart.com, Cuomo got into a bit of a verbal tussle with a reporter who had the temerity to ask what his plan was to deal with “unemployed New Yorkers who were not getting their unemployment checks and needed money.”

As Cuomo snapped;

“You want to go to work, go take a job as an essential worker,” Cuomo said. “Do it tomorrow.”

“There are people hiring. You can get a job as an essential worker, so now you can go to work and now you are an essential worker and now you won’t kill anyone,” Cuomo said.

The reporter said some of the protesters she spoke to were suffering the loss of their incomes for their families.

“These are regular people that aren’t getting a paycheck, some of them not getting their unemployment check,” she said.

For those interested, from the official State of New York website, here is the listing of government-approved jobs that Cuomo spoke of.

I’m sure you noticed that a healthy percentage of those jobs require quite a bit of education and experience, such as doctors, police officers, nurses, research scientists, etc.

Obviously, no one is going to walk in off the streets and be hired as a physician or a cop.

At the other end of the government approved employment spectrum, does anyone honestly believe that a 39-year-old single mother of three who has worked in a hair salon for the last 15 years (and made good money), she should now find a job at a bicycle repair shop?

In my mind’s eye, I also see the fourth-generation owner of a pizzeria is now expected to find employment in a laundromat or as a dog-walker.

Remember, not everyone who lives in the state of New York is a limousine liberal or a hipster. Many are hardworking middle-class folks.

They’re the gal who works at the hair salon, the guy who owns the pizza joint where you take your family a couple times a month.

They’re working for a small business owner. You know… the same people that Cuomo treats with no small amount of absolute and utter contempt and disdain.