(VIDEO) Houston Mayor: During Covid-19 Pandemic, Criminals Need to ‘Take a Break’ and ‘Chill’

Texas-sized Covidiot.

Someone tell this numbskull that if criminals were able to “chill” to begin with, they wouldn’t be criminals…

I’ve heard politicians make some unbelievably moronic statements. Everything from Bubba Clinton’s “I did not have sex… with that woman” to Comrade Barry’s “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.”

Yet in a statement that would rival even Rep. Hank Johnson’s (D-GA) cautionary tale of Guam “tipping over and capsizing”, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner (D) has arguably just uttered one of the more patently stupid things ever said by an elected official.

Keep in mind that Turner is not only a graduate of Harvard Law, he’s also formerly been an adjunct professor at the Thurgood Marshall School of Law (Texas Southern University). Sadly, Hizzoner seems to have forgotten that by their very nature, criminals aren’t especially adept at following the rules.

Also please bear in mind that Houston isn’t just some sleepy Texas town… it’s the fourth largest city in the nation.

Anyhow, while giving a press briefing in regards to H-Town’s readiness (or lack, thereof) to the Covid-19 pandemic, he publicly stated the following (emphasis mine);

The best way to help police officers is to not commit a crime. Until the coronavirus is resolved, criminals, take a break.

Stay home and don’t commit any crimes. That way, they will stay safe and out of jail and police offers will stay safe and go home to there families. Crooks, criminals, you chill.

Interestingly enough, CBS News recently reported that Houston is #21 on the most dangerous cities in America list. Also cited, “The violent crime rate is 1,095 incidents per 100,000 residents.”

I’m sure that the good people of Houston have absolutely nothing to worry about. Especially with the caliber of leadership that Turner has to offer. Sarcasm, off.