(VIDEO) Joe Biden Culturally Appropriates from the Groot; One Phrase Says It All

I am Joe.
I am Joe.

The species Flora Colossus, better known as simply the Groot (both individually and collectively), are a staple of the many different characters in the Marvel Universe.

Other than resembling a cross between Thor and a giant sequoia, what really makes the Groot stand out is their language. A singular phrase” “I am Groot.” That’s it. Nothing less, nothing more. That’s the entire lexicon.

Be it every sentence from the Constitution of the United States, or a simple “thank you”, “I am Groot” is the correct translation (English to Groot translation page here).

The key to understanding Groot is a curious mix of volume, inflection, and bodily movements.

Admittedly, I really don’t know if Joe Biden considers himself as a fan of Marvel comics and/or movies, but I get the distinct impression that the presumptive Democrat nominee is at least partially stealing from the rich culture and heritage of the Groot.

Case in point, in a tweet from FNC’s Tucker Carlson, he breaks down the many instances of Biden’s seemingly bizarre fascination with the phrase “C’mon, man.”

With their keys to translating their language with volume, inflection, and bodily movements… the Groot just might be on to something.