(VIDEO) LA Mayor to ‘Deputize’ Bureaucrats to Enforce his Stay at Home Order

The Chinese Virus must be the best thing to come down the road the Democrats have seen in quite a while. After all, this bug has managed the following;

  • Forced President Trump to tackle head-on a multi-faceted crisis.
  • Destroyed nearly all the economic gains made possible by the POTUS.
  • Given certain Democrat politicians the opportunity to conduct themselves as totalitarian dictators.

Case in point would be Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti’s recent appearance on The Fredo Show on the Chicken Noodle News network.

In regard to LA’s “stay at home” order, Hizzonor made plainly clear that he would deputize city bureaucrats to “pay a visit” to offenders.

When asked by Cuomo regarding those who may be in violation of the edict, “Is this an if you see something, say something situation?”

Garcetti flatly stated;

Yes. But don’t call a cop. Go and tell somebody they shouldn’t be doing that. Then if there are cases where people are blatantly violating this order, yeah, we’ll visit them.

You know, people are getting guns. They’re going crazy. I’m saying crime is actually way down and generosity is way up. This is different than a riot or a public safety emergency; this is a public health emergency, and we have to remember that it’s on all of us to do this.

But we’re certainly going to deputize many city employees to walk those streets, to drive around. If we see any folks that are still open, we’ll just pay them a visit and let them know that this is something they have to comply with and it’s for their own health.

In the very rare cases where somebody doesn’t comply, of course we can enforce that.