(VIDEO) Liberal Media Covers for Sleepy Joe, Draws a Whopping ‘About 70’ Cars to Drive-In Rally

Not exactly coming as a surprise to anyone, the predictably compliant lapdog media is running cover for Joey Hairplugs.

As reported by the Associated Press (via KENS5.com of San Antonio, Texas), Biden’s drive-in rally in Durham, NC, consisted of him “Speaking from a stage in a parking lot with about 70 cars…”

Paid for by the US taxpayers.

Keep in mind that President Trump announced with only two days notice that he would hold a rally in Carson City, Nevada. Thousands upon thousands of loyal Trumpsters flocked to see the POTUS.

Biden managed to string together what his handlers told him to day for roughly 18 minutes. President Trump gives speeches for upwards of two hours… sometimes at more than one rally per day.

Don’t forget, during the 2016 run he would hold as many as five rallies per day.

But back to Creepy Joe. “About” 70 cars? That’s libspeak for maybe 50 or so. Nonetheless, I’ll give the AP the benefit of the doubt.

So if “about” 70 cars really did show up, common sense dictates that somewhere between 70 to upwards of 280 folks were actually in attendance.

But the media says that Biden is in the lead both nationally and in the battleground states?

Bravo Sierra.

The only way the Democrats will win is if they cheat, and the reality of them cheating is very, very real. After all, the Democrats just spent the last four years attempting to overthrow a president based on little more than a dossier that’s been proven to be nothing more than one lie after another.

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