(Video) Liberal Media Goes Full Racist, ‘Asian’ Giant Hornet Invades United States

Remember not all that long ago when President Trump correctly referred to the China Virus as “the China Virus”?

Oh, but the Democrat Party’s Ministry of Propaganda (AKA: “The Establishment Media”) ripped into the President, painting him as a foaming-at-the-mouth racist who delighted in stirring up hatred of anything Chinese.

Rather nasty stinger of the Asian Giant Hornet.

But that was last month’s news.

So now CNN, New York Times, NBC, Vox, etc., have all caught wind that the Asian Giant Hornet (Vespa mandarinia) has essentially invaded the United States. Specifically, Washington state.

With a stinger that’s been compared to having a red hot nail hammered into you, the liberal media also has no problem referring to the Asian Giant Hornet as the Murder Hornet as well as the Japanese Giant Hornet.

Much like Captain Louis Renault (formerly of French North Africa), I’m shocked, SIMPLY SHOCKED that the media would refer to this particular pest by a proper noun based on its place of origin.