(VIDEO) Massive Facepalm: Slow Joe Allegedly Dances to Latino Hit Song ‘Despacito’

Was Hillary Clinton pandering to black people when she supposedly was caught up in the moment and whipped-out a bottle of hot sauce on a radio show hosted by three black people? I don’t know… you make the call.

Was Bill Clinton kissing Boris Yeltsin’s ass when Bubba burst into supposedly spontaneous uncontrollable laughter after Comrade Boris made some sort of a joke? I don’t know… you make the call.

This brings me to the meat and potatoes of this particular article:

  • Was Joe Biden really dancing to the strains of the latest Latin music hit, “Despacito”?
  • Does this addlebrained geezer realize that despacito means “slow”?
  • Do the five people applauding him really think we’ll be fooled into thinking this was an audience of hundreds, if not thousands of people?

Seriously, Biden ambles out with all the svelteness in an 87-year-old strapped in a straightjacket, in a full body cast, dipped in Redi-Crete.

Then he supposedly “dances”? Sorry, but I’ve seen dead and wounded people with a better sense of rhythm. That is, unless writhing in pain now qualifies as dancing.

Honest to God, someone needs to bring this to an end. This really does start to look more and more like elder abuse.