(VIDEO) Michelle Obama’s WHOPPERS of the Lies She’s Peddling at her DNC Speech

Is anyone really surprised that the Establishment Media is completely ignoring Michelle(?) Obama spitting out a slew of absolute lies during her pre-recorded speech at last night’s snooze-fest, better known as the Democrat National Convention.

Jackie Kennedy, she ain’t. Michelle Obama recently shaking her groove thang for school children.

To ensure I’m not accused of spinning yarns cut from whole cloth, I’ve cited both the official transcript from the Chicago Sun-Times as well as a PBS video of her entire speech.

But in all fairness, I’ve set the video to start when Meechie starts telling flat-out lies.

I also ask forgiveness for adjusting the text format of the transcript. I’m going to cite her whoppers one by one, then my responses in brackets and emphasized.

These are the unfounded accusations leveled at Republicans by Obama;

  • “They’re closing down polling places in minority neighborhoods.” [Could someone please tell this dumbass that “minority neighborhoods” are overwhelmingly Democrat-governed cities? If “polling places in minority neighborhoods” are being shutdown, it sure as hell isn’t the GOP doing it.] 
  • “They’re purging voter rolls.” [Federal law prohibits systematic purges of voter rolls 90 days before a federal election. However, there is an exception… state Boards of Elections utilize data provided by the Social Security Administration to clear the voter rolls of dead people and pets.]
  • “They’re sending people out to intimidate voters.” [Please provide something called “evidence,” that is unless you’re referring to the New Black Panther Party intimidating voters in Philadelphia during the 2016 elections.]
  • “They’re lying about the security of our ballots.” [Ahhh. daily news reports we all have been reading of tens and hundreds of thousands of ineligible ballots. All that must be just figments of our collective imaginations.]

For those of you that have read this, the only question remaining: So just how badly will the Establishment Media ignore this?