(VIDEO) Mr Jill Biden Protects Hid Slo Joe; ‘You’re OK! You’re OK!’

There’s an old saying about behind every great man is a greater woman. In the case of the Bidens, behind a great woman is a cowering, confused and doddering old fool.

By now, everyone already knows of those foaming-at-the-mouth militant vegans who came after Joe at a campaign rally in Los Angeles. Don’t you hate it when tofu and kale burritos go bad?

Anyhow, when the crazed Petaphiles came at Joe, it was his wife as well as his sister (Valerie Biden Owens) who leapt into action to physically protect Hid Slo Joe.

(Insert sarcasm here) From what I hear, Joe wasn’t sure if it was his beloved or his sis’ who initially jumped to his defense. But in all fairness, Joe has a history of confusing his wife from his sister. (Sarcasm off)