Video of Unidentified Man on Notre Dame’s Bell Towers 30 Minutes After Fire Starts

Towering yellow smoke, a sure sign of large amounts of sulfur burning.

In a live television broadcast from of Spain, a sharp-eyed individual with a cellphone camera caught five seconds worth of the Notre Dame Cathedral that raise more questions than answered.

With no restoration workers reportedly on-scene in the early evening hours, a certain individual was seen scurrying across the bell towers attired in what appeared to be flowing robes and some kind of white covering wrapped around his head.

But view it for yourself and draw your own conclusions.

7 thoughts on “Video of Unidentified Man on Notre Dame’s Bell Towers 30 Minutes After Fire Starts

  1. The plot thickens for sure…the site had been closed down …looks like a gown and turban and the a man is walking swiftly from the exterior passageway to an enclosed part of the cathedral Everybody is supposed to be gone at this time except authorized personnel.

  2. With the turban on his head and the ankle length coat or whatever it is, he does not appear as the conventional Parisians walking about town…More like a Muslim is much more like it…the timing is very telling as it was not long after the fires were started and may explain a bit of what happened to the Notre Dame Cathedral …

  3. We ALL know what happened that day, The media doesn’t have to say it, we’re not idiots.

  4. Sure looks like a ragghead goat fucker to me. Nobody is supposed to be their yet here we have a aloha snackbar fuckweasels just wandering around. Seems kinda suspicious to me…

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