(VIDEO) Leftist Mob Guns Down ‘Patriot Prayer’ Member Aaron ‘Jay’ Danielson; Antifa and BLM Cheer at his Death

Aaron “Jay” Danielson of Portland, Oregon, was gunned down ostensibly by a member of one of the Leftist mobs that have been burning, looting and murdering in Stumptown for the last 100+ days.

A member of a conservative group known as “Patriot Prayer”, Danielson was described by a fellow member and group founder, Joey Gibson, in a viral video (second, below) by journalist Ian Miles Cheong as someone who was “executed for being a Trump supporter.”

In spite of Patriot Prayer being labeled as “far right-wing” and as a “white supremacist” group, even the hard-core leftie news site Slate.com states something quite the opposite (emphasis mine);

Gibson vehemently rejects the white supremacist label that many are quick to attach to his group. “Fuck white supremacists! Fuck neo-Nazis!” Gibson said at an August 2017 rally he organized in Seattle. “I have no use for that kind of thinking. It’s wrong.”

Gibson often pushes back against the white supremacist label by pointing out that he’s part Japanese and that speakers at his events are from a variety of backgrounds. “I’m Japanese,”he told a local Fox affiliate ahead of a planned rally in San Francisco in August 2017. “We have three black speakers, a couple Hispanic, an atheist, a transsexual. We’re extremely diverse. It’s really irresponsible for the leaders to call me a white supremacist. It’s completely unfounded.”

Furthermore, Fox News also reports that an ex-member was convicted to two life sentences after murdering two people after an event organized by Patriot Prayer (emphasis mine);

Jeremy Christian, who was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences earlier this year, had attended a Patriot Prayer rally several months before, but was kicked out by organizers for flashing Nazi hand signs.

Sadly, but predictably, BLM and Antifa members cheered when told of Danielson’s killing (video directly below).