(Video) Reopen NC Rally: When Real News and Fake News Meet in a Head-On Collision

Reopen NC rally, way before most of the marchers arrived. I should know. I was there.

In light of North Carolina being in a state of turmoil over Gov. Roy Cooper’s lockdown order, few things beat true journalism giving fake news the smackdown.

Armed officers on the rootops while a drone surveys the huddled masses yearing to breathe free.

Few things, indeed. With the exception of being quoted in the paper for being a first class wise-ass. To add insult to injury, they didn’t even take my name.

Anyhow, as seen in the two videos below, the NBC affiliate in Charlotte, NC, WCNC, reports that of today’s march in the state capital of Raleigh to reopen small buisiness statewide, the peacock station cites mere dozens participated in the event.

However, Holden Kurwicki of CBS-17 of Raleigh, NC, reported from the scene that the estimate of crowd size was between 3,000 to 4,000.

Personally, I’m at a loss to understand how one TV station could have numbers so wildly different from another, especially something that was just a local event.

As far as me being quoted by the media, Raleigh’s News & Observer newspaper caught me in all my impertinent glory;

The protesters seeking the state’s reopening came in Uncle Sam suits and flag-themed overalls, many carrying and some selling paraphernalia promoting President Donald Trump. Most were not wearing masks. They packed elbow to elbow in front of the legislative building and chanted at the closed legislative doors.

“Pharaoh Cooper!” one yelled. “Let my barber go!”

For what it’s worth, I personally saw Capitol Police, Raleigh PD and NC State Troopers. Although I didn’t count noses, I’ll wager there were at least 200 LEOs present.

One other point of interest, almost all media outlets cited the counter-protesters of the Reopen NC marchers. From what I’ve seen of the print media, only the News & Observer came close to something even close to journalistic integrity (emphasis mine);

For the second week, a line of roughly a dozen healthcare workers stood opposite the rally, asking that all of North Carolina continue to follow the stay-home orders. They were immediately heckled by a protester in what appeared to be a knight’s helmet.

Others at the rally stood a few feet from them and chanted, “Let us work!”

One protester walked onto the sidewalk where the healthcare workers were standing and asked police officers, “What law am I violating by standing on the sidewalk?’

The protester put his hands together, out in front of him, as if to be handcuffed. “Take me to jail for not violating the law,” he said. “Take me to jail.” The police officers walked away.