(VIDEO) ‘SHOOT ME, (NEGRO)!’: Dead Kenosha Pedophile’s Famous Last Words

BLM version of the Make A Wish program?

Just yesterday I penned the heartwarming tale of American hero Kyle Rittenhouse ventilating the brain housing group of Joseph “Jojo” Rosenbaum of Kenosha, Wisconsin.

As I yesterday asked the musical question, “So what makes young Jojo noteworthy, other than occupying a slab at the Kenosha County morgue?”

Well, not only was Jojo on the official State of Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry, he also had a criminal record that would make Charles Manson proud.

Anyhow, someone just so happened to catch a quick video (the night before his cranium was air-conditioned) of this 5′ 3″ yapping Chihuahua’s not so famous last words.