Video: Slow Joe Forgets the Concepts of Months and Years, Where the Camera is Located

Poor Joe. This guy is so lost, not only does he forget what year he’s living in, he can’t quite keep straight where the camera is during his recent “virtual town hall” event.

Whose turn is it to milk the shovels with the Silver Star medal?

Hosted by the Biden campaign itself, when Slow Joe was asked of his proposed health care plan for the nation, his rambling response was, “Even I can’t do that for another two years… another year, between now and November… (unusually long pause) …actually January.”

Please keep in mind that the time frame from now until the next swearing-in is 10 ten months. Not one year, not two years, not month to be determined.

But where Joe missed the mark, both literally and figuratively, is when he seemingly forgot where the camera was. When Joe started to wander off into right field, whoever was running this goat rodeo at least had the presence of mind to cut away from Sleepy Joe and instead cut away to the state campaign logo.