(VIDEO) Time to Weaponize the US Postal Service: President Says USPS Not ‘Prepared’

For months, state and local elected Democrat leaders have used their state and local government health officials to shut down their states and cities.

By their actions they have ensuring that not only have millions of Americans have seen their home lives thrown into chaos, the same Democrat governors and mayors are also making sure that the very same millions are unemployed and uneducated.

All for your own good. All perfectly legal.

From Governors Gavin Newsome to Andrew Cuomo; from Mayors Bill de Blasio to Lori Lightfoot, I can’t help but be reminded of a certain phrase the Nazis used decades ago –  Das Führerprinzip (The Leader Principle).

After all, citizens from Bangor to Key West; from San Diego to Seattle, Democrat politicians seem to be under the impression that a strong leader is needed to protect us from ourselves.

Forget about the various National Guards in all 50 states being “the muscle” for any given governor. Recent history tells us that if you really want to control the masses without resulting to bayonets and NATO 5.56, use the health department. 

With all that said, President Trump has proven that he’s not like most presidents we’ve had for the last half-century. Trump isn’t afraid to kill a housefly with a sledgehammer. 

I sure would like to see the President fight fire with fire. Enough of what Mitt Romney, Meghan McCain or Paul Ryan has to say. We The People have had enough. It’s time to weaponize the US Postal Service.

As President Trump was recently quoted by London’s the Daily Mail;

‘There’s never been a push like this for mail-in ballots,’ the president said, not addressing the concerns long lines at voting booths could spread the coronavirus.

He noted New York’s Democratic primary contest between Representative Carolyn Maloney and challenger Suraj Patel remains undecided. He called on the state to ‘rerun that race.’

‘If you look at the New York congressional race which is a disaster, it’s been a total disaster. They are six weeks into it now and they have no clue what’s going on, and I think I can say right here and now, you have to rerun that race because it’s a mess.

Nobody knows what’s happening with the ballots or the lost ballots and the fraudulent ballots I guess. I think you probably have to take the Carolyn Maloney race and run it over again. This is a small race with literally thousands of people, small thousands and it’s all messed up,’ he said.

Patel trails Maloney by some 3,700 votes, though more than 12,000 ballots have been disqualified, including about 1,200 that were missing postmarks, he told The New York Times

Don’t forget that there certainly is a difference between absentee ballots and the Democrat-backed plan for universal mail-in ballots;

  • Absentee ballots barely register as a relative blip on the radar.
  • Universal ballots would be tens of millions upon even more tens of billion. 

Other than actually going to the polls, Democrats want universal ballots to be the norm. Do we as a nation really want the post office to take charge of this particular task?

All President Trump has to do is order Postmaster General Louis DeJoy not to process any mail-in ballots unless explicitly marked as “Absentee Ballot” on the envelope.

If in the case of any given registrar of voters decides to go rouge and mark all envelopes as “Absentee Ballot”, then return all ballots to sender.

Yes, it really is that simple.