(VIDEO) Tortured and Mutilated: Oklahoma Woman’s Pet Hacked to Death Due to Her Boyfriend Being a Police Officer

Sadly, Josie Saltarelli of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, found her pet cat, Capone, dead in her yard.

Even sadder, Capone wasn’t killed by getting hit be a car or even from natural causes. No, it was something much more sinister.

Capone was found dead… gutted and hacked in half. Saltarelli claims the only explanation could be because her beau is a Tulsa police officer.

As reported by Ethan Hutchins of KTUL-TV of Tulsa, OK (via News 4 San Antonio);

A Broken Arrow woman believes whoever killed her cat and placed it in front of her house did so to send a hateful message. She lives at the home with her boyfriend, a Tulsa police officer.

Capone was Josie Saltarelli and her boyfriend’s beloved cat, but now he’s dead and she doesn’t understand why. “We loved him dearly, I loved him dearly, and it’s really awful that the last image in my mind is what we found,” she said.

Sadie McPherson, a family friend, found the Bengal in a grassy area in front of the house Saturday morning. Photos too graphic for TV show the cat cut in half and gutted.

“They came out and saw, and that’s when we started speculating this was not done by accident,” McPherson said. In fact, the Broken Arrow police Department says their investigation confirms someone, not thing, had to have killed the cat and left his body in front of the house.

But Saltarelli says what makes her sick to her stomach is that she believes the person likely killed Capone and placed him by the house to send a hateful message to her boyfriend. “With the vilification of police officers right now, it’s awful and we’ve been scared for him to go to work for months, and now we feel that way at our home,” she said.

Broken Arrow Police Officer Mike Peale says the death being a hate crime is a possibility. “As in everything we investigate, we want to find justice for the victims,” said Officer Mike Peale.