(VIDEO) Toxic Police: NBC Cancels Christmas Favorite, ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ Because of Bert the Cop

With the death of George Floyd still fresh in just about everyone’s mind, the social outrage of the last 15 minutes is to axe everything even slightly related to the police.

Just a few example of what cancel culture has already wrought:

The most recent casualty of the war on police has been the Frank Capra classic “It’s a Wonderful Life.” As shocking as it may sound, the driving force behind NBC’s cancellation of their annual Christmastime airing is due to actor Ward Bond’s positive portrayal of “Bert the Cop.”

In a recent interview with People’s World media, NBC’s Sr. Vice President of Social Justice Compliance, Laurence Beria, matter-of-factly stated;

Not only is Bert the Cop falsely depicted as a jovial, “anything I can do to help” type of person, the character is also guilty of glorifying war, Western imperialism, and white privilege.

It was revealed towards the end of the film that the character of Bert was a member of the US Army during WWII, served in North Africa, and was awarded the Silver Star medal for personal heroism.

With that aside, Mr. Beria concluded his rather laconic statement;

The grittier alternate reality timeline of Capra’s propaganda film in which Bert is darkly portrayed as a skull-busting oppressor of the proletariat is undoubtedly closer to the truth.

At least that’s what I was taught at Berkeley.

While I understand that this may be seen as patently absurd to anyone with even an iota of common sense, fear not. Just to make sure your paying attention, this is satire. But just barely.