VIDEO: Unsealed Court Docs, Harvey Weinstein says Jennifer Aniston ‘Should be Killed’

Jennifer Aniston has been called America’s Sweetheart. She’s been called a woman who was done wrong by her own ex-husband and Angelina Jolie.

But to the best of my knowledge, no one has ever called for her death. That is until I read the latest regarding Hollywood money man Harvey Weinstein.

In recently released court documents, the convicted rapist sent an email stating that Aniston deserved death, reportedly because of a rumor floating around the entertainment world that Weinstein groped Aniston.

Amazingly enough, Aniston’s own people announced she had nothing to do with that very same rumor.

As reported by Katie Jerkovich of The Daily Caller;

Harvey Weinstein wrote in a 2017 email that Jennifer Aniston “should be killed” in new court documents unsealed Tuesday.

“Jen Aniston should be killed,” the disgraced movie mogul wrote in an email dated Oct. 31, 2017 to a reporter who had sought comment about an an untrue allegation that Weinstein had groped Aniston, according to Variety magazine.

The email was part of roughly a 1,000 pages of documents that were newly revealed ahead of Weinstein’s sentencing in his rape trial.

Directed to Weinstein’s former rep, Sallie Hofmeister, from a National Enquirer reporter, the email read, “The National Enquirer intends to publish a story reporting Jennifer Aniston was sexually assaulted by Harvey Weinstein.”

Aniston’s representative, Stephen Huvane, has since responded to the outlet and said that the allegations aren’t true. “The National Enquirer claims are false. Jennifer has not been harassed or assaulted by Harvey,” the 51-year-old actress’ rep shared.