Video: Was Brad Pitt Stoned at the Oscars?

“Wha ju tah-kin ’bout, mang?”

Obviously, Debbie Harry wasn’t the only one in the rush, rush to the yeyo. Those Hollywood swag-bags are just filled with all sorts of expensive and exotic goodies, ‘eh?

Anyhow, at a media gaggle after the Oscars, for whatever bizarre reason, when asked at of his politically charged comment regarding dismissed Trump national security advisor John Bolton, a rather wound-up Brad Pitt (giving his best Tony Montana facial expressions) gave the following somewhat high-strung response;

“I, I, I was really disappointed with this week, and I think when gayman’s ship trump’s doing the right thing… it’s a sad day, and I don’t think we should let that slide, and I’m very serious about that.