(VIDEO) What If They Held a Biden Rally, but the Trumpsters Outnumbered Them?

CNN: “Rowdy” Trumpsters. Honking your horn is now “rowdy”?

Indeed. What IF the Democrats actually did hold a Harris-Biden rally, but a whole buncha Trump supporters not only showed-up, but outnumbered them?

Well, that’s exactly what happened in Philadelphia’s most upscale, lily white, limousine liberal set of bedroom communities of Bucks County.

As usual, the Democrats are having a bit of a rough time drawing live human beings to their campaign events. So to at least give the optical illusion of space being used, they’ve fallen back to the trick of having drive-in rallies.

Unfortunately for the liberals, the vast majority of the American people are capable of seeing beyond this 3d Grade ruse.

But with that aside, even the reliably Leftie Philadelphia Inquirer noted that “more than 100 cars and trucks decorated with Biden signs and flags” were in attendance.”

Members of the Lumbee Tribe today in NC.

Just remember, when liberal agenda-driven “journalists” cite numbers favorable to their cause, subtract at least 25 percent from their total. But I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

Let’s say 100 vehicles really did show-up. That means the head-count was realistically somewhere between 100 to 400.

Even at the high end, those are pretty pathetic numbers. Keep in mind that yet another reliably Leftie rag, in this case, Newsweek, is reporting, “Photos and videos of recent Trump rallies in some parts of the country have shown packed venues with thousands of attendees…”

Meanwhile back in Bucks County, ABC reporter Beatrice-Elizabeth Peterson cites that the Trumpsters “largely outnumber the masked Biden Supporters.”

Not to be outdone, CNN reporter MJ Lee penned that the Biden folks had to deal with “Practically a Trump drive-in rally…”