Video: Woman who Lost 112 Lbs Wins Miss Britain, Ex-Fiancé Dumped Her for Being ‘Too Fat’

“Unboyfriendable”? I don’t think she has that problem any more…

It wasn’t all that long ago that young Jen Atkin of Ulceby, North Lincolnshire (English Midlands) was engaged to be married. At that point in her life, she weighed 203 lbs. Her then fiancé decided to call off the nuptials due to her being “too fat.”

After being dumped, Atkin found her health also falling into the dumps. She described herself as being “a weekend recluse” who would scarf-down $26 worth of fast food at a time.

As reported by the New York Post, during the workweek “I would eat huge portions of pasta or pizza, then a family-size chocolate bar.”

Obviously, she packed on the pounds. When she topped out at 238 pounds, she knew it was time for a change.

She stopped the fast-food binge eating, slowly and sensibly started exercising, walking at first before working-up to hard core cardio and weightlifting. Admittedly not a calorie counter, Atkin “is mindful of what she eats each day” as noted by London’s The Daily Mail.

Interestingly enough, this was the 26-year-old administrative assistant’s last shot at the title. Also cited by the NY Post;

“She got through to the semi-finals in 2017 and to the finals in 2018.

Atkin had retired from pageants after getting married last year, but she decided to give it one more shot after having her name put forward to represent Great Britain this year.”

An avid fan of American Country & Western music, the Post also reports;

And on her plans for the year ahead, she said, “I have so much in the pipeline for my reign, including the release of my next country single this spring.”

It was in November of 2018 when the everything UK/USA C&W website introduced Atkin to American fans (her video at the end of this article);

Meet the new glamorous Grimsby girl ready to strut her way into the UK country charts and firmly make her mark on the British Country Music Scene! At just 25 years old, Jen Atkin has so much to celebrate already, the blonde beauty has took part in many beauty pageants across the globe and has just recently been crowned Deputy Miss England 2018. Recently signed to record label MHMG this stunner wants to show the UK what she has been showcasing around the world the incredible talent she possesses as a musician. She is definitely one to watch here at Think Country!

Her debut single “Unboyfriendable” saw huge success hitting the top 3 in the UK country charts when it was released back in August of this year…”