(VIDEO) Zombicrat Apocalypse: Tens of Thousands of the Dead Rise From the Grave to Vote

In a video report from Pearson Sharp of OANN (One America News Network), the reporter details how not just thousands, but tens of thousands of the dearly departed somehow managed to cast their ballots in the 2020 presidential election.

During the course of his report, Pearson also cites something known as “Benford’s Law” which is utilized by statisticians to uncover voter fraud.

Henry Percy of the American Thinker does an excellent job of explaining Benford’s Law in layman’s terms. Percy even goes as far as detailing in his article “detailed instructions for creating your own Benford charts.”

To top it off, Percy notes his own Benford’s charts for each ward within the city of Milwaukee for both Trump and Biden. His findings were… shall we say, “interesting.”