War on Obesity, Climate Change: Liberals to Ban Fast Food Drive-Thrus

NYET! Liberal calorie cops fighting for a slimmer Soviet Socialist Republic of Дmeriꓘa.

I don’t need the government to protect me from me…

First they came after Columbus, but I’m neither Italian nor Spanish, so I didn’t care. Then they came after everything Confederate, but I have no ties to the CSA, so I didn’t care. Then they came after the National Anthem, but I couldn’t sing, so I didn’t care. Then they came after pronouns, but I’m not really sure what pronouns are, so I didn’t care.

Than they came after fast food drive-thrus. Then I cared.

Just when you thought that liberals couldn’t get more ridiculous, uber-liberal Minneapolis is the latest to outlaw any and all future gut grenade drive-thrus. Seriously… I’m not joking.

As reported by MSN;

In August, Minneapolis became the latest city to pass an ordinance banning the construction of new restaurant drive-thrus. Officials say the ban will help curb pollution, make the city more walkable and improve health problems pertaining to obesity. Other places that have enacted similar measures say they are aiming to combat traffic, cut carbon monoxide emissions and litter.

But fear not, Chick-fil-A fiends, the zoning changes currently in effect only affect new construction. Thus far, cities in California, Missouri and New Jersey have implemented similar bans.

Still, many consumers are worried about one of their favorite conveniences being taken away. Some have pointed out how important drive-thrus are for customers who are disabled, the elderly and parents who may not easily be able to get their kids out of the car for a quick bite.

Just one example of the outrage;