Watch as CNN Blames Trump for CNN’s Own Slobbering Love Affair with Disgraced Michael Avenatti

Of course… this is all Trump’s fault.

Never mind that MSNBC and CNN (especially CNN’s Brian Stelter) touted that the now convicted lawyer Michael Avenatti as someone who would rival even the Return of Jesus Christ.

In a recent appearance on Stelter’s show on CNN, he asked Daily Beast reporters Lachlan Markay and Asawin Suebsaeng, “Was that stupid on my part? What do you make of how Avenatti was covered by CNN and MSNBC?”

To wit: Markay played a quick game of CYA by claiming that the liberal obsession with Avenatti was due to him being so much like the man they all despised; President Donald Trump;

“This was a guy, who in many ways, was very similar to Trump. He really knew how to operate in the modern media environment, and I think that’s what really drew a lot of Trump’s critics to him, was this idea that he could sort of beat Trump at his own game.”

As tweeted out by Julio Rosas, senior writer at the distinctly conservative;