Watch as Eejit College Student Gives Liz Warren Half of her Remaining Six Dollars; Social Media Slams Warren for Taking the Money

Are this chick’s parents Aunt Becky and some Italian dude?

We may never know who this (as the Irish say) fookin’ eejit was who gave Elizabeth Warren three of her remaining six dollars in her bank account. Obviously, some rich parents ensured their little bundle of joy made it into college based on her crewing skills (and a half million dollars).  But if truth be told, sweetie-pie’s only crewing skills are probably closer to when she tore through the football team’s offensive line on Prom Night.

Anyhow… personally speaking, it’s a fair bet that this high-functioning primate isn’t a business or an econ major. I’d wager this dimwit is seeking her undergrad degree in either soc or a gender fluid lit studies. But that’s just me.

Coming as a shock to no one, Warren readily accepted this blockhead’s three bucks. Anyhow, as Warren predictably admitted to MSNBC;

“A young woman came up by herself and said, ‘I’m a broke college student, with a lot of student loan debt. I checked and I have six dollars in the bank. So I just gave three dollars to keep you in this fight.'”

In the meantime, social media savaged Warren for having the gall to accept this mouth-breather’s money;