(WATCH) Bodycam Footage: Man Armed with Two Martial Arts Sais Knives Bum-Rushes Cop, Four Rounds to the Chest Later…

In what appears to be very large, metallic pointy-pointy stabby-stabby kinda-things in both hands, police bodycam footage shows Kevan Odell Ruffin, Jr. charging at Sheboygan, Wisc. police officer Bryan Pray.

In video footage from a number of different angles and perspectives, WGBA-TV (NBC affiliate
in Green Bay, Wisc.) is reporting that the July 2, 2020, incident that “Sheboygan County District Attorney (D.A.) Joel Urmanski said that Officer Bryan Pray’s use of deadly force was reasonable and no charges should be issued in the death of Kevan Odell Ruffin Jr.”

WGBA also cites, “The D.A. also says Ruffin was armed with Sais at the time, a type of bladed martial art weapon.”

As seen in the video, Officer Pray ordered Ruffin to take a seat on the curb. Pray had just received notification that Ruffin was being sought after “a disturbance call in which Ruffin was accused of attacking a woman.”

Instead, with weapons in both hands, Ruffin quickly stomped his way towards Pray in an aggressive manner.

First employing his taser and also physically moving away from Ruffin, it appears that the Officer Pray nailed Ruffin with his  industrial strength bug-zapper squarely in the torso, roughly 10 – 13 feet away from him.

Nonetheless, Ruffin still charged Officer Pray, weapons in both his hands. even after having having being stung by 50,000 attention-getting volts.

In spite of firing his side-arm eight times, Breitbart.com is reporting, “An autopsy showed that Ruffin “was shot in the chest four times.”

Breitbart is also noting;

Pray has been with the Sheboygan Police Department approximately two and a half years. Responding officers said Pray was shaken over the incident, telling them, “He chased me, man! He charged me, man. I almost fell. I tased him first, and I told him.”