(WATCH) Clearly Aggravated Sleepy Joe Refers to Trump Supporters as ‘Ugly Folks’ (Dopes?)

Cranky Joe mistakes himself for Maverick.

Well, fellow Trumpers… we’ve been deemed as deplorables, irredeemables, racists, bigots, misogynists, chumps, mumps, humps, rumps, homophobes, xenophobes, saxophones and telephones.

Now there’s a new insulting appellation bestowed upon us all: “Ugly folks” (possibly ‘dopes’). Biden’s slurred speech makes it hard to understand him quite often.

Anyhow, at a St. Paul, MN, Biden for President campaign rally that drew literally dozens, Trump supporters across the street not only quickly outnumbered the Biden supporters, they also managed to get under Bugout Biden’s skin.

Per usual, Biden spoke less than 20 minutes, but referred to the Trump supporters at least six times. Suffice it to say that Cranky Joe was at least somewhat irritated.